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For Over 20 Years Shooters Have Raved About Our Vests
Perfect For Covert Carry and IDPA Matches
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Looking for a new vest for covert concealed carry or for your IDPA matches? Look no further. With more than 20 years track record our vests have a proven industry reputation.
Each vest is hand made here in the USA by gun owners for gun owners. Different from a lot of the tactical vests out there, our vests are meant to conceal your firearm while providing practical daily use functionality. Pockets are lined with loop velcro so you can add your favorite pocket holster or use one of our “internal pocket holsters” (below).

Ideal for IDPA shooters the vests are also weighted for a fast draw stroke from OWB. 
Key Features
  •  Made of Lightweight 4-ply Taslan
  •  Outside flap pockets are lines with canvas. The canvas provides for a clean sweep if you are drawing a waist mounted firearm. 
  •  Inside each pocket there is a 4" hook and loop fastener receiving patch to securely hold our "Internal Pocket Holsters" or any other velcro based holster. 
  •  Each vest includes a hook and loop fastener WInd Strip which allows the front to be gently tacked closed at midpoint 
  •  Machine Washable 
  •  Made in the USA
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